Agility Ladders Make You Lighter On Your Feet.

Agility Ladders Make You Lighter On Your Feet.

I have to admit I am new to agility ladders. Having been out of the game for nearly 15 years, returning a few years ago made it clear how new ideas had worked their way into squash. Sure, crosstraining was all the rage back then and we even did some crosscoaching, but I had never used an agility ladder until a few months ago.

In the past, we used to use the lines around the service box and they can still be used if you don’t have anything else but a proper ladder forces you to lift you feet higher and in different ways.

As with the Swiss ball, there are plenty of articles and videos that show you how to use one.

As squash players, look for the exercises that work on lateral movement more than just forwards and backwards workouts.

In the few months I have been using one, I feel so much faster. I should mention that I am not playing squash at the moment due to hip and shoulder problems, but I can still do fitness work.

You can buy them for around 10 pounds and if that’s too much I plan to make a video about making one with a roll of duct tape soon.


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