Two Good Rackets Are Better Than One Great One

Two Good Rackets Are Better Than One Great One

We are all looking for that one quick thing that can suddenly improve our game and rackets are often believed to be that thing.

Sure, getting a shiny new racket can make you feel good, but do you honestly think a few grams less are going to turn you into a winner?

I hope not, because being a winner is all about attitude, not equipment.

If somebody has a 100 Pounds/Dollars/Euros to spend, I would often suggest buying two 50 Pound/Dollar/Euro rackets, both exactly the same.

I believe that having the right equipment is very important but having two rackets feels better prepared to me.

Having two rackets that are the same weight and balance and strung with the same string at the right tension for you is way more important that having just one expensive racket.

As with the shoes I wrote about previously, switching between both rackets occasionally will ensure you are prepared when a string breaks, and it will break, there’s no doubt about that.


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