Always Have 2 Pairs Of Shoes On The Go

Always Have 2 Pairs Of Shoes On The Go

I find getting really comfortable squash shoes difficult. I have fat feet. There, I said it.

Maybe you are lucky and can buy almost any pair but me, I have real trouble.

So, when I do find a pair I like, I immediately go out and buy another pair.

Not only that, but I always wear shoes, any shoes, around the house for a about 5 hours (normally, an hour a day for a week) before I wear them outside. That way they are comfortable for me straight away.

Yes, I am a bit strange, but that’s beside the point.

Going back to the two pairs of squash shoes, make sure you rotate them, so that one never becomes too old or damaged.

At worst, wear your second pair every fourth or fifth time on court, so when you do need to use them they don’t interfere with your performance.

Also, make sure you can a spare pair of laces in your bag at ALL times.

If you are reading this and thinking that’s OTT, attention to the smallest detail can make the difference between winning and losing.


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