Cooperate – Cooperate/Compete – Compete

This is the order you should be performing when doing routines.

As I said yesterday, make sure you fully understand EXACTLY what you should be doing.

After that start cooperatively. See how many you can do without mistakes. Keep a record. As time goes on, decrease the acceptable area of where the ball must bounce or hit.

Next, one of you must work cooperatively, while the other is trying to win. There still needs to be limits to where the ball can bounce or hit and perhaps the person who is trying to win has a smaller area. Score it and keep a note of the scores.

Finally comes both players competing against each other, but within the limits of the routine.

This process can be done over one training session or spread out of a few weeks.

Also, don’t think that once you have started to compete, you shouldn’t go back to the beginning and be cooperative, you can.

As you get better, decreases the acceptable area.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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