Got a modern Phone?

Got a modern Phone? Are you using it to improve your squash?

As far as I know, most modern phones now have a video function. Sure, it might not be high definition and 60FPS but you don’t need those things.

What you do need is a wide angle lens and I bought one for my phone for less than 5 pounds a few years ago.

Simply set it up at the front of the court, in the middle seems best and make sure it records all of the floor. You’ll probably need to adjust it until you find the right balance.

What you want to do is watch it on a TV if possible or at least a tablet. You are NOT analyzing your technique but your movement and shot selection.

Once a month, record one or two games and spend time watching them. Look for when you make the most mistakes and under what circumstances.

Yes, you are not a trained coach, but if you can get over the horror of watching yourself the first few times, you will most probably notice something you need to improve.

If you have your training group ,which I’ll  mentioned in a future article, get together and watch it as a group. other people always notice things you don’t.

Video is an amazing tool for improving and now almost everybody has one in their pocket. The question is, are you using it?


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