Buy some equipment for your training group

Buy some equipment for your training group
Previously, I wrote about starting your own training group. I want you to spend most of your time, doing routines, but it’s also possible to do fitness sessions.
I am a fan of trying new equipment out. Some are gimmicks, whilst others are really useful. As a coach I can justify spending the money because my students can use them, but I would still buy them even if I didn’t coach.
However, I know that individuals don’t always want to spend the money on something they might not use.
If your training group could create a small fund, you could afford to buy some equipment that everybody could use. Ideally, the club where you play would buy it for the benefit of all members, but not all club managers see the benefits..
Perhaps you play at a municipal run centre or other public area. In those cases, nobody is going to buy any equipment for you.
Sharing the cost means you get to use more equipment than if you just bought one thing yourself.
I’m not talking about hundreds of pounds worth of equipment, but something that you can take with you to the court.
Stuff like Swiss balls, agility ladders, medicine balls, targets etc.

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