Think Outside the Squash Court

Think Outside the Squash Court

Using squash courts cost money. That’s fair. if I own a squash club, I need to charge to cover my costs. When you play, you have to have a court, but what about fitness work?

I see a lot of fitness sessions on courts and there are some good reasons for that, but don’t let that mentally limit you, especially during the Summer.

You can doing ghosting sessions on any suitable surface. Many is the time I have taken some chalk and mini-cones and marked out a basic court shape and ghosted in the open air.

Clearly, the surface has to be flat and smooth, but that is the only requirement.

Changing the location of your training can make it feel fresh and new. “A change is as good as a rest” is a great phrase.

I am not suggesting this only for ghosting. Agility ladder, skipping, medicine ball, swiss ball workouts can all be done in places other than a squash court.

Look for places and opportunities to do your fitness work outside of the court. Not only might it save you money, but it will also keep your training fresh.


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