Is your favourite shot so successful?

Is your favourite shot so successful?

A few days ago I tried to encourage you to stop playing your best shot.
I also mentioned “your favourite shot and separating your best from your favourite can be tricky.”

For me, my favourite shot is a volley boast. I love playing volleys and I get a HUGE thrill when I send my opponent the wrong way.

But in the cold light of post match analysis, it’s actually not a very good shot to play – at least for me. Partly because I play them too often, partly because I try to play them off shots that are a little too tight (but they are even more effective then, my brain shouts!) and partly because I often aim too close to the tin and they hit the tin!

The key here is being able to see he difference between “favourite” and “best” because they may not be the same.

Your best shot is probably the boring but reliable one, whereas your favourite is the one you enjoy most and remember the few winners you hit from it.

Next time you play, come off court and look yourself in the eye and be honest.

Is your favourite shot so successful?


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