Hit Every Shot With A Clear Intention

Hit Every Shot With A Clear Intention

Yesterday, I wrote about hitting the ball to he back of the court.

Today, I would like to continue in a similar vein.

Too many players simply hit the ball because it’s their turn and not because they are trying to do SOMETHING SPECIFIC with the ball.

It sounds stupid when I type it, but it’s often true.

When I asked the question: “Why do you hit the ball?” I used to hear this vague “what else am I supposed to do?” response. It’s not a terrible response but it misses the point.

Every time you hit the ball you should have a very clear idea of where you want it to bounce and deeper than that you should have its reason too.

That’s why I play the “WHY?” game with my students (I’ll talk about that, another time).

Look at it this way.

If I gave you three darts and said throw them at the dart board, would you ask where or just throw them?

There is no correct or incorrect answer for this BTW.

If you threw them without asking, would they all be near each other? They would only if you picked a spot and aimed for it.

If you asked and I said triple twenty, they would be close together.

Hitting without aiming a squash ball is like throwing darts at the board without care.

Yes, we can’t be as accurate with a squash ball as we can be with a dart, but we don’t need to be.

The act of hitting the ball with a clear intention immediately makes us more accurate.


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