Don’t Fear The Plateau

Don’t Fear The Plateau

Often when you are training hard and for a long time, you seem to spend a few weeks or even a little longer not getting better.

It can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you are not expecting.

It can happen with purely physical fitness but also technical aspects as well.

This is known as the plateau. It’s a period of time when you body is adjusting to the changes taking place. It’s sort of catching up with itself and what you want it to do.

I remember a student who really needed to improve their movement to the front. We spent each week’s lesson (and they spent 2 sessions a week also) working on footwork and twisting movements and for at least 4 weeks with seemingly no improvement and then suddenly – bang – he could move really well and his game jumped a level.

The problem with the plateau is that it often causes people to change what they are doing or give up completely working on whatever they are trying to improve.

It’s an incredibly delicate balance between continuing until you pass the plateau and realizing something is not working. This is where experience wins over science.

As long as you are not injuring yourself and the work is high quality I say stick with it. You won’t be doing yourself harm and it will help with your mental fortitude too.


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