Set A Goal For Today

Set A Goal For Today

Goal setting is a very important skill to learn. Learning how to select the right goal within the right time frame is useful for all aspects of your life, not just squash.

I’ll be writing more about this in the future, but let’s start small and easy.

From this point forward, I would like you to set on easy to accomplish goal everyday for that day. Make it easy to do.

Ideally, do it immediately.

Let’s look at an example.

I need to improve the flexibility of my hamstrings. My goal today is to stretch each leg for 1 minute. Doing this when you first get out of bed is quite good because you should be fairly warm.

Now, I am not trying to overstretch my hamstrings, I’m not bouncing or trying to get my head to touch my knee, all I need is a gentle stretch, like a cat waking up after a nap – just get into the habit of stretching them everyday.

If during the day I can do the same stretch a few times more, perfect, but my goal is once per day.

Do this for a week and it will begin to feel natural, do it for 3 weeks and you have started a habit.

Your day’s goal doesn’t have to be the same each day, mine was because that’s what I need but yours could be anything realistic.

Don’t set a tough goal for this exercise. You are not trying to push yourself to new heights.

You clean your teeth everyday but don’t think that THIS clean is going to be the best ever. You do it because it needs to be done. The same with the simple easy goals.

Here are some more examples:
Get to the court 10 minutes early to warm up
Play 3 lobs or high defensive shots in a match
Buy a spare pair of squash shoe laces
Skip for 5 minutes
Do a concentration exercise.

Start you new goal setting habit today.


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