Don´t Only Play People Better Than You

Don´t Only Play People Better Than You

There’s a misconception in squash that says you should only play people better than you and if it were true very few people would play other people. Sometimes we have matches where one day I win and the next you win, but often you know who is better.

Putting aside whether you know or not, there is definitely value is playing somebody you know you are a bit better than.

It allows you the opportunity to practice aspects of your game that you wouldn’t normally be able to.

Keeping the rallies going for a bit longer is a good example. Slightly higher but softer drop shots or more defensive shots. The list is almost endless.

So, if you are given the opportunity to play weaker players than yourself make sure you make the most of it – don’t just beat then but improve as well.

That way, both players will benefit and everybody wins!

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