Mental Imagery Exercise 2: Be Alone In The Club

Mental Imagery Exercise 2: Be Alone In The Club

As you saw from the title, this is the second mental imagery exercise I have published. In case you missed it, allow me to review.

Firstly, let’s quickly define what Mental Imagery is.

Mental Imagery is the action of visualizing events in your mind. The benefits include greater confidence, ability to deal with adverse situations, better control of emotions. Essentially, if you can’t see yourself doing whatever you want in your mind where you have total control, how can you do it in real life?

A guided exercise is where somebody, perhaps your coach, sits down with you and talks you through the event and you, the player, imagines it happening.

This is a semi-guided exercise because you will read it first and then do it on your own.

For this exercise I want you to imagine everything from the first person – that is through your own eyes.

Let’s get started. Please read the whole exercise slowly and carefully, and start when you are ready.


Find somewhere comfortable to sit or relax. Somewhere with as few distractions as possible. Somewhere not too hot or cold.

Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths.

Now imagine yourself entering the club or centre where you play squash. Unlike every single other time, this time it is completely empty. Nobody is there except you.

The lights are on but nobody is home.

Walk towards the courts. When you get to the final corridor where the doors to the courts are, look at the walls. See any notice boards or posters on those walls. Any fire extinguishers etc.

Now look down at the carpet or floor. Notice the pattern or colour of it.

Go towards one of the courts and touch the door, look into the spy-hole. See into the court. If it is a glass back, touch the glass and look at the court.

Walk onto court.

Listen to the echo of your steps.

Smell that unique odor of blood, sweat, tears, wood, varnish and plaster.

Move towards the right wall and put your hand flat on the wall.

Walk towards the front wall, keeping you hand on the wall.

Does it have any imperfections? Is the paint peeling? Is the wall perfectly flat and smooth.

When you get to the front wall, turn around. Look at the balcony or seating.

Look at the ceiling. How many lights does it have?

Any balls stuck in the fixtures?

Look at the floor. Are any pieces of marking tape missing. Any discoloured boards?

Take in the whole scene.

Walk towards the door and leave. Don’t look back.

Exit the main door and eave the club or centre.

Slowly open your eyes.


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