No Matter What Your Starting Age or Level, Always Get Coaching.

No Matter What Your starting Age or Level Always Get Coaching.

I was never a great player. I could explain that I didn’t start until I was 17 years old and it was too late by then but the reality was I didn’t have a coach.

For the year or so I did have one, I made huge gains, in fitness, technical proficiency and tactical awareness.

The mistake is to think that you are too old or have too many bad habits to be able to benefit from having a coach.

It’s not true.

Yes, the younger you start getting coaching, the better, but just because you can’t become world champion doesn’t mean you should try to improve or try new sports. You play sport because it is good for your mind and body.

I recognize that receiving coaching is not cheap but if you find the right coach for you, the money you do invest will be worth it.

“Invest” is exactly the word to use here because the benefit comes in the future.

Also, don’t think that your coach will want to change everything about your game and make you go back to basics. Everybody can improve by making small changes.

Tell the coach exactly what you are hoping for out of the sessions and assess whether you have achieved your objectives after a few sessions.

If you have, great, keep going, if not, then look elsewhere.

Don’t expect immediate success, although it is possible to immediately improve, it depends on what you are working on.

Realize that finding the right coach for YOU is much more important than who the coach is.

Just because a coach used to be a great player, doesn’t mean he or she is the best coach for you.

Just because a coach has been coaching for many years, doesn’t mean he or she is the best coach for you.

The best coach is the one that listens to you and works WITH you. You might need to try a few coaches until you find the right one.

Good luck.

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