Learn To Adapt To Different Court Conditions ASAP

Learn To Adapt To Different Court Conditions ASAP

One of the great things about playing club team matches or tournaments is having to adapt to new circumstances and situations.

Obviously, the biggest of those is the opponent but also the court and surroundings are very important too.

The more often you have to adapt, the better your chances of learning to do it faster.

I’ve often heard players complain that by the time they felt comfortable on court, it was too late.

This can even more important when both players are new to a venue as in a tournament.

Getting to a new venue as early as possible helps reduce the feeling of strangeness but that’s only part of the story.

Some players are less affected by different courts than others.

I believe that one of the reasons is that they have put themselves in those sorts of situations as often as possible.

There is also the idea of actively adapting.

When you get on court, feel the walls. Do they feel hot, cold or even damp? Is there a difference between the each sidewall or parts of the frontwall? Looks for these differences during the warm up. Play a few boasts and move forward to hit a straight drive back to your opponent.

Not only will this help you physically warm up but it will also allow you to test the walls and floor.

Don’t forget the height of the court. Play a few lobs to get a feel for the lights and any obstructions.

Lastly, don’t forget the back wall. Make sure you play a few longer drives to see the bounce on the backwall.

What I am trying to explain is that every time you go on court you should be learning about your opponent AND the court.

Of course, if you are playing on courts you know very well, then this is not so important but playing on courts new to you can change the course of matches.

Again, obviously, the opponent is the biggest challenge, but do not neglect to consider the court too.

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