Forget The Score

Forget The Score

One of the best times I have every played was when I completely forgot the score. In fact, I specifically remember winning a rally and picking the ball up to serve and watching my opponent walk off court.

I looked at the ref and heard him say “Game to Herga” (In those days you used the name of the club not the player).

Should we play differently because of the score?

In general, I don’t think so. If it is the right time to attack, then it is the right time, irrespective of whether you are 10 – 0 up or 0 – 10 down.

You could easily argue that you need to play defensively when you are close to losing a game, but perhaps that attitude got you down in the first place!

The actual score certainly makes a difference to motivation and drive but for most club players the score should be a secondary result.

Your first objective is to choose the right shot. Well, actually, it’s to watch the ball hit your strings, but you know what I mean.

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