Equipment Spotlight: Massage Sticks

I have previously written about foam rollers and how useful they can be, but today I want to talk about a piece of equipment that I think is even better.

The massage stick.

The massage stick is just over an arm’s length long and has two handles at the end. In between them are pieces of plastic that rotate independently of each other and the main rod connected to the handles.

It can be used alone on your legs but requires somebody else to use it on your arms, back and neck.

To use it, you hold the handles and press down quite firmly and “roll” it across your thighs, quads and calfs.

Because I control the pressure, I find it better than foam rollers. I can vary the angle easily and quickly change from left leg to right leg. In fact, I often use it when I am watching TV.

The sticks are about the same price and weight as foam rollers, so they can easily be carried in your squash bag.

For me, massaging my legs after a tough cycling session is way more important than my arms or back, but I recognize that having and using both is the best option.

One quick word of warning. Just like foam rollers come in different styles, so do massage sticks. I recommend the smooth ones not the rough ones – they can really hurt when you use them.

Hopefully, you are now curious enough to check websites and videos to learn more and I highly recommend you or your training group buys one.

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