Take skipping to the next level.

Take skipping to the next level.

I hate to admit it, but I am a terrible skipper. I practice almost everyday but I never seem to get much better.

The actual activity is so good for squash players that it is worth doing. If you are like me and have two left feet, worry not, there are alternatives.

The first one is possibly the best and most realistic for squash players in terms of movement.

Standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, start to jump but try to keep your knees straight. The objective is to use your calf muscles to do the work. I find that if I try to make as much noise as possible with your feet hitting the floor, it has the desired effect.

As you are jumping or tapping, move you feet wider apart. Going from the starting position to almost as wide as you can should take about 6 seconds. You are NOT trying to go from narrow to wide as quickly as possible. You are trying make as many taps as possible though.

Go narrow and wide a few times and take a break. If you have done it properly, you will really feel the burn in your calf muscles.

This is stage 1. Do this for as long as you can or want and as many times a week as you can or want.

When you feel comfortable doing this, it is time for stage 2.

The basic movement is the same but instead of remaining in one place and orientation, you are going to try to move is a circle with one foot remaining in the same same spot but still jumping. Go clockwise for one revolution and then counter-clockwise. Don’t forget, the foot that remains in the same spot is still jumping.

Now swap feet and keep the other foot in the same spot and go clockwise and counter-clockwise.

As with stage one do this as many times as you can or want in each training session and for as many training sessions as you want.

Stage 3 uses the same basic jumping motion but instead of going in a circle, you now must try to move forwards, backwards and sideways. Essentially, you jump up and down but move yourself to various parts of the court.

The great thing about the above exercises is that they can be done anywhere without worrying about timing of jumps and ropes etc.

One last thing, with a skipping rope the area you need is larger than without. You have to consider the height of the room and you can’t get too close to other people. With these exercises you can get over ten people on one court if you wanted to.

2 thoughts on “Take skipping to the next level.

    • Not at the moment, no, sorry. My local courts have had a few changes and now it’s impossible for me to record anything there due to the noise of the gym. I hope to try to record something soon and see if overdubbing will work. There are a bunch of articles I have written that I would love to make videos for, but just have no time.


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