Hit at 80% your Maximum Power during Matches

Hit at 80% your Maximum Power during Matches

Set aside at least 2 minutes every solo or group training session to hit the ball as hard as you can for as long as you can.

During the match, you will probably be hitting the ball at 80% you maximum most of the time. The rest will obviously be either faster (less often) or slower (more often).

What’s important is building up your power but a power that can be sustained for all of the match.

But power alone is useless without control and that’s why you should be hitting at 80% most of the time because that power level allows you to still control the ball.

With your practise sessions of hard hitting, over time you will be able to hit the ball harder WITH control.

That 80% might eventually be more powerful than your current 100%.

2 minutes might not sound long but I guarantee that you WILL be tired.

Over time increase that to 3 then 4 minutes etc.

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