Don’t Boast Too Much

I remember reading that Geoff Hunt said that you should wait until the tenth time you wanted to boast before actually boasting.

Of course, the game has changed a lot since then but it is still good advice.

I also remember watching a match between James Wilstrop and Nick Matthew, where James didn’t play one boast until midway through the second game.

The reasons could be many; Nick is very good at moving forward, James’ boast are easy to read and/or not as good as they could be, the court made boasts a bad shot to play etc.

What that shows is that all advice should be taken in context. The context of your skills ON THAT DAY, your opponent’s skills ON THAT DAY and the situation, which includes the court and its condition (temperature etc) and the importance of the match.

That said, trying to avoid boasting is a good thing to try to practice as it will force you to play better drives to the back and also work on your straight short game.

Try it and see what happens.

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