Fridays Practice: Variable Length Parallels.

Time to start a new min-series to join “Mondays Mental Imagery Exercises” and “Wednesdays Equipment Spotlights”.

From now on we will have “Fridays Practice” – a series of solo practice exercises.

As with all these articles, the practices assume you are a club player who has a basic command of the ball.

Variable Length Parallels.

It is better to start with a warm ball but this could be perform as a warm up too.

Standing just behind the service box hit a forehand drive back to yourself.

Do this 5 or 6 times and then move a step closer to the front wall.

As you move forwards, reduce the height and speed of the shot.

Again, hit 5 or 6 shots and move closer to the front wall.

Keep doing this until you are very close to the front wall, then begin to move towards the back wall.

As you move backwards, increase the height and speed of the shot.

Get all the way into the corner and hit 5 or 6 shots with the ball coming off the back wall.

That’s one Set. Do at least 3 sets on both sides.

As you get better, reduce the number of shots from 6 to 3.

Over time and with regular practice, you should be able to move forwards and backwards while completely controlling the ball.

The objective of this exercise is to learn how to vary your length with height and speed.


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