Hunt for Volleys

I love volleying the ball.

I feel that it rushes the opponent and puts them under pressure.

Most club players only volley when the ball comes to them but I encourage my pupils to “hunt” for volleys.

Obviously, not every single shot but at last 5 more volleys per game than they normally play.

But number of volleys alone don’t win matches.

The volleys have to be good. Not necessarily winners, but a shot that poses a problem for the opponent.

Your first step is to practice volleys alone, then with a partner and then within practice games.

Keep you swing short and firm.

The next time you play, try to hit a few crosscourt volleys off weak straight drives. Aim for the sidewall behind the service box about a racket’s height from the floor.

If nothing else, “hunting” for volleys will make you more proactive.


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