Scrap The Wall With Your Racket

Before or after a court session, stand about two racket’s length away from a sidewall and swing your racket.

You are attempting to just scrap your racket on the wall.

Ideally, your racket touches the wall directly in front of you and its progress is not limited or delayed in any way.

This exercise is designed to make you totally comfortable with the distance between you and the wall.

If you want to, take a piece of masking tape and attach it to the wall, leaving an inch or 2.5cm sticking out. Put this at just above waist height.

Your objective is to touch the take with a solid swing.

Being comfortable about the sidewalls and confident that you can hit a ball when it is touching the sideway is hugely important.

Do 100 swings and make sure you do both forehand and backhand.


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