Never More Than Needed

Never More Than Needed

Too many players hold their racket too tight. Is that possible you ask. Yes, one huge misconception about squash is that it is a “wristy” sport. It’s not, well not for club players.

It’s a forearm sport and whilst the wrist is moved by muscles IN the forearm, you don’t really want to bend your wrist.

You need to hold the racket tight enough so that when you make contact with the ball, the racket head doesn’t twist.

The same goes for flexibility.

Yes, stretching and being flexible IS important, very important. But you need the balance of strength WITH limited flexibility.

We’ve all seen photos, especially of Mr. Gaultier in an almost splits pose reaching for a ball at the front. It’s a wonderful shot and very inspiring. But he has enormous leg strength to do that and not get injured.

Being too flexible is just as bad as not being flexible enough.

One more point.

Upper body strength. Having strong arms, shoulders and a chest is important, but how do you think a bodybuilder would do in squash? Certainly no better than a professional, who are significantly weaker than they are.

My point?

Become as flexible and strong as you NEED to be but not more. Not only are you wasting time but you might also be creating problems for yourself in the future.


One thought on “Never More Than Needed

  1. Hello Coach,

    I am trying to switch from my amateurish wristy game to a more technically accurate forearm play in squash games ( and solo practice).
    Could you make videos about how to do solo practices which reinforces the “forearm” play and helps you loose the “wristy” play if have acquired that habit of using wrists.

    Perhaps a good hold ( or grip) will do the trick and/or certain shots played repeatedly during solo practice ?

    thanks in advance



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