Improve Your Concentration

How good are you at concentration?

Not as good as you could be, is probably a close answer.

Many of you probably train hard, at least physically.

Sure, being on court and doing conditioned games and practices etc all improve your concentration but have you ever tried to focus on that alone?

Probably not.

Over the coming year, I will be suggesting ways to do it.

Let’s start today with a very basic exercise.

Get yourself into a comfortable position, somewhere quiet, not too hot or cold.

Take a book or novel, something with no images or pictures.

Start counting the number of words on each line and keep going until you reach the end of the page.

Try to ignore all other stimuli, focus solely on the number. Use your finger if you want to.

Do that at least once a day for a few weeks.


2 thoughts on “Improve Your Concentration

  1. Hi.. just reading your blog after seeing a video on youtube. By far the easiest guy to listen too.
    Im fairly low level player… i have some good shots, run and play ok… but often loose after taken the lead due to laxk of concentration. Anyway..just read this blog… and would you beleieve split coffee over myself as i was reading… guess i wasnt concentrating enough…lol.
    Anyways, keep up good work !


    • Hi Darren, thanks for your kind words. Sounds like you start to relax a little once you get the lead. There’s no simple solution but I can tell you I have played my best when I totally ignored or forgot the score.

      With regard to the coffee spill, you were concentrating but just on the wrong thing!


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