Stretch But Not Just After a Training Session

Stretch But Not Just After a Training Session
I have stopped stretching after training! SHOCK! HORROR!
Stretching after a training session is done to remove toxins that accumulate during the session. For me, I found I was more likely to injure myself then than at any other time.
Now, I move and walk around for around 5 to 10 minutes after a training session. Cooling down slowly whilst ensuring I haven’t come to a complete stop.
I feel better for it. I have also replaced the stretching with a self massage via foam rollers and a roller stick (more on those another time).
However, one thing you should do is specific stretching sessions. This means doing 15 to 20 minutes of general aerobic activity to increase your core body temperature. It is now that you should stretch. Not when you muscles are tired.
Stretching is to lengthen the muscles allowing you to increase the range of movement, which in turn allows you to develop more power in your movement. It also means you are less likely to be injured.
Stop thinking of stretching as something you do for a few minutes after playing and start thinking of it as a proper session on its own.
Not only will it improve your squash but also your life.

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