Why Do You Hit The Ball To The Back?

Why do you hit the ball to the back?

Because everybody else does?
Because that’s what your heard, or seen or read?
Because your coach or training partner told you to?
Because that’s what “squash” is about?

There is no perfect answer for this but none of the above are good enough either.

I say you should hit the ball to the back to force a weak return, from which you should try to win the point.

Bing Bang Bosh. Simple.

Or is it?

Yes and No.

The better you get, the few weak shots are created and the finer the margins. Better players reach more difficult shots that other players wouldn’t.

At higher levels there are more shots to the back because they don’t play weaker returns.

But the process is still the same.

Put aside any longer-term tactical arguments, if you can finish the ball early, do it.

Sometimes you should take the opportunity to practice hitting the ball to the back when you play weaker players. That way, you benefit, they benefit and it’s a challenge for everybody.


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