How Many Shots Are You?

How Many Shots Are You.

Inside each of us is a number. And it is a VERY important number. That number is a representation of our fitness level and our mental fortitude.

Once you consistently take a player beyond his or her number you can begin to dominate. If you take a player way beyond that number, even for one rally, you are almost guaranteed to be in control for the next few rallies and if you continue to take them beyond their number in those few rallies the game is yours.

It’s a bit like ten Pin Bowling, you add you score onto the next point. Once you go beyond their number in one rally it can be easier to do it for the next one etc.

However, the natural tendency is for players to look for quick winners when they are tired and more often than not they will miss.

Doing this over the course of a few points is good but over the whole match is better.

As you play a game, get somebody to count the number of your shots per rally. You will notice that they are often around the same number. A few rallies will be shorter than others and a few longer than others, but there will be a small range of numbers.

This can depend on the people you are playing but it should average out of a few matches.

Now you know you number, it’s your objective to increase it by 1 shot per month.

I bet you are sitting here thinking that’s easy, but it’s not. It also means that after one year you could play a minimum of 12 shots MORE per rally than when you started. And when you actually see how many shots you really play, you may be surprised.

So how *do* you increase it?

By making sure you don’t play anything silly. Against weaker players, see how long you can keep the rally going without “feeding” them. When under pressure, play defensive shots. I am not advocating simply hitting the ball to the back and becoming a boring player, but making sure you reduce the number of errors and very weak shots.

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